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Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the great sights of the Rockies. We stayed there overnight and experienced it in all weathers.
The rains lashed across the waters of the lake on our first evening and I used that sky the following day in this painting.
The turquoise water of the lake is caused by the glacial flour when it melts. What I loved here was the strong shapes and shadows of the scree on the left, and the swirl of the glacier in the centre. I liked the fact the top of the mountain was obscured by cloud which broke in these stunning sunbeams.(click on the pictures for enlargement)

The canoeists paddling across the lake left me gobsmacked by the sheer size of these jutting outcrops.

acrylic 2004. Timmy Mallett

This is the sketch I did in the heavy shower of rain the evening before. I had to work quickly before I was drenched!

watercolour paint and pencils 2004. Timmy Mallett

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