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Rocky Mountains in the Rain

At Calaway campground near Calgary there's an uninterrupted view of the Rocky Mountains. Several nights in July we watched amazing thunderstorms roll in across the foothills. This sketch of the awesome power of the weather was my first of the trip.
It was a reminder that we were to embark on an adventure rather than a two week holiday!

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

On the Icefield Parkway heading up past Banff we diverted to Peyto Lake.
While I sketched this, Lynda was absorbed with the carpet of wild flowers all around, and Billy wanted to know how fast a stone would travel if you dropped it from here? Don't!

acrylic 2004. Timmy Mallett

Bow Lake is the source of the mighty Bow River that leads down into Calgary.
I only had time enough to make this quick pen and ink drawing and added the colours later. I'm determined to build this into a larger painting in due course.

It's the joy of having a sketchbook. It's like a personal diary and a prompt for those things that inspire you to paint and draw.

pen & ink and watercolour pencil 2004. Timmy Mallett

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