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Nanaimo Bay

This painting breaks every rule about dividing your picture right down the middle.
Except that Canadian artists of the 20th century broke this rule constantly. The point is it's almost impossible to get a clear view of Nanaimo Bay from Living Well campsite, and I wanted to reflect that by painting a glimpse of the Bay.
Perched on a log deep in leaves, branches and undergrowth I saw this fierce triangle of dead tree limb leading out into the view, with a newly growing trunk sprouting from it's base. Together with the central trunk I feel it creates a strong composition leading to the tide coming in across the Bay to cover the little islands.

acrylic 2004. Timmy Mallett

The same spot gave me a great sunset view to paint.
Here you can see that we are high on a steep cliff with the trees blocking the view. But glimpses are just as evocative as the big vista.

I like the way the sunset plays upon the tree trunk as well as lighting up the bay and the mountains of the mainland.

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

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