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Ucluelet Harbour and the Bay of Islands

Across on the far side of Vancouver island is the tiny township of Ucluelet. There is one road there, it's windy, slow and very long. But the treat that awaits is a gem.
This is the sort of view that demands huge real estate prices. It was $20 a night to camp right by the harbour with this million dollar view.
Ucluelet was another of our "lets stay longer" places. We enjoyed whalewatching, bodyboarding, the rock pools, and sensational seafood.

acrylic 2004. Timmy Mallett

One evening I went up to the lighthouse to watch the sunset. The wind hoots eerily in the offshore buoy - it sounds just like a whale!
The setting sun caught the edge of the rocks around me and lit up the islands in glorious colours. I also put the sunset behind the islands (it was actually behind me) because I like the colour too much to leave it out!)

watercolour pencils 2004. Timmy Mallett

Between Ucluelet and Tofino is Long Beach. A great spot for some Body boarding.
The top part of the beach is thick with weather worn logs which I drew while drying out from the ocean.

pen & ink and watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

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