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Vancouver moments

Staying just over the Lions Gate Bridge we were able to explore the lovely cycle track along to West Vancouver. Great art festival here (and top notch restaurants too).

This sunset was painted down by the jetty looking out towards Horseshoe Bay. The paint ran and I got this stunning cloud effect.
Here's to happy accidents!

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

The Lions Gate Bridge has a fragility that looks attractive, and makes a great painting. But in fact it's just old and badly in need of upgrading. It took us an hour and half to go three miles over it into the city!
Hopefully some money will be spent on infrastructure in time for the Winter Olympics.

The Lions Gate Bridge links the wester and northern suburbs with Stanley Park.
This beach is a favourite spot for cyclists, hikers and dog walkers!

watercolour pencils 2004. Timmy Mallett

To get to Vancouver island there's a bizarre ferry system (and an impossible on-line booking system!) that is designed to leave you queuing for hours in your vehicle without anywhere to go! Time to build a tunnel!
Horseshoe Bay itself is a pretty little collection of ramps and yachts.

watercolour pencils 2004. Timmy Mallett

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