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Wilcox Creek - Columbian Icefield

To enjoy the delights of the Icefield Parkway we camped overnight at Wilcox Creek.
This is what is meant by "the Great outdoors". Facilities are basic, no powered sites and dry toilets.
But I'm glad we stopped here. The huge pine trees held the smoke of our campfire and the evening light reflected off the crest of the glacier through the haze...

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

In the morning, while Billy wrote his diary I did this sketch of the same view.

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

The Canadian Group of Seven specialised in glimpses of the Rockies. This was my glimpse of the sun, fresh after the rain, through the tops of the smoking pine trees.

watercolour 2004. Timmy Mallett

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