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Charities: Newton Dee Village, Camphill

Martin and Timmy at Newton Dee Village, Aberdeen

Timmy's older brother Martin has down's syndrome and lives in a self help community in Aberdeen, where he is a baker and he makes the best bread in town!

Martin has lived at Newton Dee since 1981 and although he cannot speak properly he makes a fantastic contribution to the life of the community, both at Newton Dee, and also in the wider area like at the church of St Devenicks, Cults where he is a bellringer, greeter and sidesman.
Martin loves Aberdeen FC!

brothers together at Newton Dee. This is where Martin has been able to reach his potential. Newton Dee makes a significant contribution to Aberdeen life.

The Save Camphill Campaign at Newton Dee village, Bieldside, Aberdeen have successfully fought a two year battle to the routing of the proposed Western relief road around Aberdeen and Timmy is delighted at their victory!

It's important to speak up for Martin and the 200 residents of Newton Dee, many of whom are unable to express themselves, and who need their interests protecting. Martin lives a rich full life and the impact of this road would have been devastating.

"If this was a sight of special scientific interest everyone would be up in arms to save it. In fact it's a sight of special Human interest and the way we treat our vulnerable people reflects upon society.
The contribution made by Camphill and the residents at Newton Dee is far too important to be bulldozed by a road in this way.

The economic benefit to the local community is hugely significant. Farms, workshops, bakery, coffee shop, schools and education amount to £7 million a year. And these are vulnerable people with special needs contributing significantly to the wider community.

It is a triumph for Scotland that the Scottish parliament have decided to choose an alternative route and save the 60 year old Camphill community." Says Timmy.

Thank you to everyone who has written to the Ministers responsible, added their voice to the thousands who campaigned!

Rolf Harris says "In my travels all round the world, I’ve noticed that ‘common sense’ is actually NOT all that common.
However, in this case, common sense has prevailed and I must say I couldn’t be more delighted. I’d like to use that well known Aussie phrase in praising Tavish Scott and the Scottish parliament’s decision . . .’GOOD ON YA’!
Lots of love to all the residents of Camphill, who must be hugely relieved, and particularly to my special friend Martin Mallett.

Timmy says "This is a global issue. Everyone has the right reach their human potential. Now the residents of Camphill, Newton Dee will be able to celebrate a famous victory!"

We suggest you help celebrate by calling in to the shop for a coffee and cake and do some Christmas shopping at their wonderful workshop store!

Brothers together outside Martin's home at Newton Dee

Martin adores football and cheers his heart out when his team score!

A visit to the pub for the Mallett brothers on holiday!

Martin is a bellringer at church and enjoys handbell ringing as well.

Grampian TV's Craig Millar made a great documentray on Netwon Dee's campaign against the routing of the road and came to interview Martin and Timmy.

Martin enjoyed the process of filming and loved being on camera.

The documentary caused a stir in the Scottish Parliament, and they bowed to huge pressure from all over the World led by the Camphill campaign to re-route the road.

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