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St Deiniol's residential Library in North Wales is an international gem.
It's the only Prime Ministial library in Britain and it's unique place in the world of learning and its outstanding collection of 19th century and theological books makes it perhaps (to some people) an unusual attraction for Timmy!

"Am I in the Who's who, then?!"

St Deiniol's Library in Hawarden North Wales is a unique residential library founded by Prime Minister Gladstone in 1902.

Gladstone collected (and read) thousands of books in his lifetime and set up the library as a study centre for the Church of England.

"Sssh, I'm concentrating!"

Timmy's family connection with St Deiniol's comes from his father, Michael Mallett, who studied for his ordination here in the 1960s.

"In those days there was only one phone line - Hawarden 3326 - in a draughty corner of the porch, no mobiles or computers so my father typed letters home to us every day!
He describes how the blind warden led guided tours round North Wales!"

Those letters are like a window on the past and are now kept in the refurbished, sponsored Michael Mallett room with a collection of his paintings and personal memorabilia.

These books are so old and so vaulable you have to wear special gloves.

Timmy is a regular visitor to St Deiniol's and is proud to be a patron and support their fund raising and valuable work.

The library is no longer a theological training college for ordinands but is still a popular subsidised centre for people to come for study and stimulation.
There are thousands of visitors every year. People come from all over the world to this quirky and delightful centre for learning - to research books, articles, or just to soak up the atmosphere of this extraordinary place.

There's more on the exciting plans for the future in the Gladstone Project here.

An attentive audience listen to Timmy's speech about the £1.35 million scheme.

This is one of the 22,000 books that Gladstone personally read and wrote notes in!

Some visitors start young. St Deiniol's is perfect for all sorts of research.
Jessica Stephenson is just 17 "I'm doing A levels and am writing about Jamie Oliver's use of language in his TV shows..."


"My arm aches from all this writing, can't we have laptops?".

Of course! Recent fund raising have made laptop and internet connections available throughout the library.

In 2002 Timmy was involved in the centenary celebrations along with The Archbishop of Canterbury - Rowan Williams, Tony Benn, and Lloyd Grosman .

Take a look at the Timmy show at St Deiniol's here

"Just to say how much I enjoyed staying in your father's room at St. Deiniol's Library. I sent text messages to my kids who loved your show and were gloriously touched and damaged by your humour! I shall never forget the look of wonderment as they watched you go past on the back of a waggon in the Westhoughton Gala!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your dad's letters and seeing his art work. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share in something which is obviously very dear to you."

With every blessing.
Revd Stephen Pollard

"thank you for the collection of drawings, letters and painting in the Michael Mallett room at St.Deiniolís Library. Being another vicar that occasionally dabbles with paint (watercolours are my thing), I enjoyed your commentary as well as your fatherís work which gave a fascinating extra light on the pieces displayed. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into making such a delightful, honest and varied mini-exhibition, I thought it was a lovely thing for you to have done in his memory."

Guy Chave-Cox

"I have been staying in the Michael Mallett room at St Deiniol's for the last 5 days and have enjoyed being with the paintings and looking through the books of cuttings and letters. My favourites are the green tank engine above the sink and the study above the nude to the right of the sink. My grandfather was an artist and I grew up with his water colours and marquetry on the walls of the family home - its been nice to have some more paintings for company this week.
I lost my dad six weeks ago and it has been a comfort and privilege to be permitted to have an insight into another obviously much loved father." Thank you. yours

Paul Keeble

Timmy's charities

Take a look at the Timmy show at St Deiniol's here

Inside the library!

Timmy's sketch of the library building

The church connection at St Deiniol's is alive and well. Peter Francis, the dynamic warden, holds a daily service in the small on site chapel

GCSE students from a local school are delighted to get the opportunity to discover the jewels of the collection

The conference facilites are excellent and there are great plans to increase the capabilites

Studying in the rooms is brilliant as young Billy Mallett found out. Is he following in his grandad's footsteps?!

Timmy's dad studied here in the 1960s. Some of his favourite paintings are now in the Michael Mallett room.

This painting of the Dee estuary is one of Michael Mallett's most stunning

Dear Timmy,

I wanted to congratulate you on the great care and attention that you have put into the room at St. Deiniol's Library in honour of your father.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through some of your Dad's stuff - The 'letters from an ordinand' were especially interesting. It's great that you can appreciate its significance to priests like myself who need a reflective environment now and again to refresh our ministry.

I also really enjoyed Michael's paintings - I first came to faith at art college - art and the church should be two companions which inform each other and walk hand in hand.

It's nice to know that Pinky Punky is alive and well and living in Hawarden. I wonder how many library residents can say that a large part of their childhood memories were informed by a naughty pink mallett! Here's my wife and I playing Mallett's Mallett in the Michael Mallett room. What a hoot!


Revd Jim Craig Community Arts Chaplain in Bensham and Gateshead.

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Timmy and the Camphill Trust at Aberdeen

Timmy and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Down's syndrome has a special place in Timmy's heart, and the sterling work of Mencap

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