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Fiat Cars used Timmy's photo and a clip from Wacaday in 1992 to describe the deal of the decade. The photo appeared in the national press, point of sales, and on the internet, the clip in a TV and radio advertising campaign.

watch the TV ad

This was an unusual present -
to be given your own billboard! It's massive!
Thanks Lindsey! And now the poster has pride of place in Timmy Towers!

Rachel's mum found a billboard in Bredbury Manchester and took along her Pinky Punky to see it!!

Amazingly there were over 4,000 billboards around the UK. And yes, you're right - 4,000 pictures of Timmy's face are just not nearly ENOUGH!

The giant sized Timmy face!

This billboard was at Maidenhead station!

Wideawakers with their hero (and his poster!!)

Wideawakers getting excited!

Enjoy watching the advert here!

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