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Pinky Punky and Hanky Panky are delightful soft toy mallets designed by Timmy for kids (of every age!) who desperately want one of Timmy's mallets.

They are hugely popular on Wacaday and Timmy Towers TV shows!

"Mr Mallett, can I go to the toilet?!"

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Pinky Punky has gone through a recent transformation with a new look embroided face, big fluffy nose and now malletts exploding from TVs on his chest!

Pinky Punky now has a new bigger bowtie, and with tattooed features he looks even more lovely and cuddly than ever!
and he still loves to say....

"Mr Mallett, can I go to the toilet?!"

Let's go shopping!

Pinky Punky's new big fluffy nose! and brilliant embroided spex!

Pinky Punky's stunning body with tattooed Mallett, TV and name!!

Sarah with her favourite Timmy toys!!

Hanky Panky's
Itsy bitsy bikini!

Hanky Panky's
fabulous hairstyle and lovely long eyelashes!!

Hanky Panky
is she Pinky Punky's girlfriend?
or sister??? !!

Don't forget me! I'm Diddy Pinky Punky most recently seen with Dick n Dom in da bungalow!

Pinky Punky

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