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Voice-overs, Commentaries and In flight entertainment

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Timmy has hosted many in flight entertainment shows for different airlines including Britannia, British Caledonian and Virgin Airlines. His story telling and entertaining style is in great demand for those long trips to your holiday destination.

Next time you visit Oxford - go round the Oxford Story in Broad Street and listen to Timmy's fabulous and entertaining commentary!

Timmy has done lots of voice-overs for a variety of companies including
The Beano "Everyone we know loves the BEANO!"
The Dandy "It's good to keep the DANDY handy!"
Most recently Timmy has recorded adverts for Asahi Beer, Kellogs, and Legoland.

Hear Timmy's Didcot Railway Centre radio advert!

Pinky Punky

Timmy comic

back to 1992?

Voice overs and commentaries

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Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB