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Exhibition @
Langan's Brasserie, London!

By special request of Richard Shepherd, Langans owner, Timmy is currently exhibiting at Langan's Brasserie, Stratton Street, Piccadilly, London 10 brilliant Timmy original paintings!

Below are details about how you can buy these paintings directly online.

Welcome to Langan's!

For a star studded soiree!

Lorraine Kelly and Jimmy Tarbuck are first in to admire Timmy's work!

Rod Stewart - are all these your's Timmy?

Lawrence Dallaglio, Jason Leonard and Jeremy Gusscot all want a bit of the Mallett

Chris Evans and Simon Cole are interrupted!

old Piccadilly mates together again...

Dallas star Linda Evans and the artist.

Lord Seb and Madelaine Coe.

Jimmy and Timmy in deep discussion about ? comedy? or art?

Lorraine and Wendy Craig

Luc Floreanni, Wendy and John Knowles

Robin and Judy Trinder admire the Railway Children - saved by red bloomers!

Ludo Graham, Rev William Taylorand Turkish Ian enjoy some Wacky reminiscences!

Not hard to guess Ludo was Timmy's Wacaday director!!

Luc and Caroline Faraday get to grips with a great joke!

Can I be as tall as Nick Knowles one day?

blake's Stephen Bowman sets hearts a flutter!

Hugh Rushton delighted to have bought the Christmas phoneboxes

Esther Rantzen and jungle mate!

outrageous girls - Nikki Kelly, Carolines Monk and Faraday!

actor Benedict Smith and Natalie Trinder

Penny and Joan Dunlop!

Trying to knock the price down...?!

Nikki Kelly picks up a bargain!

Lizzie Cundy, Chris Evans and Caroline Faraday!

The happy owner of Lunch at Langans!

With Richard Shepherd, Langan's wonderful owner!

East 17's Terry Coldwell, Luc and Damian Knowles


Hambros Bank managers Peter Cork and Nadene Thompson

Actors Jeff Leslie and Wendy Craig!

Monkey, Luc and Lady Harley Phoenix!

We came in after dinner to meet our hero!

All the paintings are stunningly framed!

All the paintings are for sale. You can buy them online below...
on golden pond - 24x20 - £3100

Every sunset reminds us it's another great day on planet earth!

Christmas phoneboxes - 40x32 - £4995

When did you last use the iconic red phonebox? It's good to stay in touch!

Now in private collection.

Running In - 30x20 - £2500

Anticipation is everything – come on in it’s great!

Summer Meadows - 40x32 - £4500

Fleeting, delicate glorious – poppies are summer’s blaze of colour…!

Langans Lunch - 20x16 - £3500

4pm and still going strong. Head back to the office or order more!

Now in private collection.


Poppy Splendour - 30x20 - £3000

Smell the colours, breathe the heat….

pint pals - 20x16 - £3350

our pubs are the best in the world – so are the beer and conversation!

body boarding - 30x20 - £2950

Feel the waters pull! And taste the spray!

canal moment - 20x24 - £2650

Through the weeping willow the canal meanders – round the corner to an adventure…

pool and poppies - 20x16 - £2500

Giant poppies climbing over the picket fence and their reflections tempt us for a swim…

All these paintings are on show at Langan's Restaurant, Stratton Street, Piccadilly, London until end of January 2011.

If you wish to commission Timmy to paint something special for you then just email here!

Got an idea for a Timmy painting? Get in touch!


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Timmy and Rolf Harris share a passion for painting.

What's Timmy up to at school? helping year 5 paint an enormous jungle!

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane,
Clapton in Gordano,
Bristol, BS20 7SB