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The Comic Relief party at London's Cafe de Paris was a fabulous evening with a lots of stars.

It was an utterly brilliant night and here are some photos to prove it!
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McFly did a sensational set including the comic relief anthem - It's all about You!
It's all about you! Who is this in the pilot's uniform?!
But sir said we had to wear a tie!
Help! My trousers are falling down!!
Obviously, you're out of my league!!!
Dimple city...!
Tony Christie did Is this the way to Amarillo - twice.
With a bit of help from Timmy on the sha la las it was a magic moment on stage together!
Guess what? Timmy and Tony share the same hairdresser!
They both go to Karen at Chic in Marlow!
Little Britain's giant David Walliams and his big mate Timmy!!
Who's idea to do rabbit ears!?!!
Big Brothers together!!
sensational soul singer Ruby Turner !!
and the last time we met was on the Weakest link!!
Konnie and Timmy - ah!!!

What a great night!!

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