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Brian is the caretaker at Cookham Rise school. He's been there for about 15 years; it's the ideal job for a maintenance nut.

Boilers, plumbing, electrics, windows, you name it - Brian's fixed it!

Brian's wife, Jane, teaches reception class so there's a real family connection with the school. For a number of years Brian was chairman of Pinder Hall, and last July he became a Cookham Parish Councillor.

Away from the classroom, Brian's the chairman of the Cookham British Legion (he spent 12 years in the RAF) and if he's not fixing stuff at the school he's fixing something at Fawley Railway museum - the private full scale train set-up of Sir William McAlpine near Henley.

He may look like a salty sea dog but it's the whiff of the steam engine rather than the smell of the sea that really excites Brian!

painted 19th March

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