9 Year old Catherine was born with Cerebral Palsy caused while still in the womb during an amniocentesis at High Wycombe Hospital.

The family finally won a landmark case against the Buckinghamshire health authority last year. Catherine attends the PACE centre in Aylesbury - a daily round-trip of 50 miles - and makes annual visits to the PETO institute in Budapest which specialises in teaching disabled kids to dress, walk and other mobility skills. Catherine can't suck, cough or blow and has had to be taught how to chew; she will need care throughout her life, but the family are determined that she will reach her potential and the joy she gets from swimming, horse riding and big rides at fun parks is wonderful.

Meanwhile her younger sister Sarah is in Year 2 at Holy Trinity - " I like Britney Spears, Steps, swimming, acting on stage, the Tweenies, cartoons, Timmy Towers, hot places, and when I grow up I want to be a horse rider".

Sarah is wearing her favourite UK top which goes with her jeans which aren't in the picture! Sorry!

painted 10th March

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