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Walk past the railway station and you'll see the old reliance shoe repairers. Jerry has been fixing Cookham's shoes there for over 40 years!

At 79 he should be retired but his wife, Joyce, says it gives him a reason to get out of the house!

That little hut has been there since the 1920s when it was a paper shop. Then it became a cobblers and Jerry took it over as a part time job when he wasn't selling insurance.

He only gave up that job in 1990 but I'm delighted he keeps up the shoe repairs, while listening to Radio 4 and selling the odd old paperback.

He found me some strange multi coloured shoelaces from somewhere and my leopard boots have been given a new lease of life by Jerry (who is also known as Dermot, or Desmond but I prefer the original Irish Jeremiah) but if you want to get him talking - ask about his passion for the a little bet on the horses or football!

Jeremiah is one of Cookham's treasures and it's a pleasure to open his door, hear the little bell tinkle and pass the time of day with him.

painted 23rd January 2002.

Jeremiah passed away March 2007 aged 82

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