Hooky! Rambo! Lofty! These are some of Mark's nicknames.

He lost his left forearm in an horrific car accident on the M40, two years ago. The hook is model number 4 and is operated by cable and shoulder straps.

Mark is the bars manager at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Moor Hall, by far Cookham's biggest employer with around 140 full time staff. He's been there since 1987, and lived on site for many years. "I can still roll a barrel, pull a pint, cook, dress, garden and pitch a tent!"

Mark trained as a horticulturist and worked at the Royal Parks and Eton college; gardening is still a big interest for him as is St Johns, WAMSAD, Crisis, and scouting.

Mark's been involved with Cookham scouts for 20 years and you'll see him at the village fete, the regatta and fireworks display. "I like the mixed part of the local community. People are curious about my hook. I've accepted being disabled, but I can't change a light bulb anymore and I have to prioritise now.

But I can work, continue my social life and other community interests".

Mark is a real inspiration to me and proof that life is for living.

painted 26th May

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