By Billy Mallett

To help you enjoy the paintings we've got this simple quiz!

1 How many children are there?
2 How many people are wearing glasses?
3 How many sets of teeth can you see?
4 How many earrings are there? (look carefully!)v 5 Who is wearing a watch?
6 How many hands can you see?
7 How many hats?
8 Some people have whiskers, beards or moustaches. How many are there?
9 This is a stinker. How many buttons are there?
10 Bit easier; how many portraits show some sky?
11 And how many portraits show more than 1 person?
12 How many are wearing ties?
13 Has anyone got a drink?
14 How many women and girls?
15 How many boys and men?
16 Who was the first person to be painted?
17 and who was the last?
18 How many paintings show buildings in them? (look closely!)
19 Who is the oldest and who is the youngest subjects?
20 How many people do you know?

E-mail your answers to: quiz@timmymallett.co.uk

Don't forget to add your comments to the visitors book and just for fun we'd like to know which is your favourite picture?

Timmy, Lynda, & Billy Mallett

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