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Mark was a delight to work with and a joy to watch. He was a dear friend to myself and my family.

It was a privilage to have known him and we enjoyed his company on the TV, on stage and in person as a friend.

We adored Mark - he was funny, engaging, with a big smile and a modesty that was wonderfully appealing.

Mark played the brilliant Abominable No Man in our series of Timmy Towers shows for CITV. He brought the show to life with his great sense of fun and everyone who worked with him or watched him will miss him dreadfully.

the cast of Timmy Towers

The Abominable No Man lived down the toilet in the Room With No TV

Mark was not always aware of all his talents. He worried about singing for instance - but his outstanding rendition of Robbie Williams' Let me Entertain you will stand as a testament to that huge talent.

Mark always entertained us.

I've known him since we first worked together at the Childrens Channel and he was the obvious choice for Timmy Towers. He played the part so cartoon-like and exuberantly, he was a natural choice for pantomime.

We also painted together with Rolf - The Big event in London and Edinburgh and in recent weeks he talked of wanting to paint his grief.

We are deeply saddened by this tragedy, and send out deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Timmy Mallett

Mark always made us laugh on set...

Yes Yes Yes? No No No!

an hilarious favourite for stars and kids alike.

then I'll run out on set and go Bosh!

Mark drew this wonderfully energetic cartoon of our son Billy shouting the vocals to the title sequence during the filming of Timmy Towers.

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painting together was always a treat!

painting at the Big Event.

Mark and Kirsten - Smart

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