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Year 5 kids at Cookham Rise School needed to creat a massive jungle picture for their schyool. They asked Timmy to come along and help.
You can imagine the mess!

First things first - get some colour onto the board!!
It's a multi coloured jungle!
nice green hands!
we got into finger painting as well as brushes!
The tiger is looking really fierce!
and he's a very happy parrot!!
The finished result! click to see full size!
Year 5 is very proud!!!!
and pose for a group photo!
Including the form teacher of course!!!!!

Want to tell us what you thought about it all?
What was it like meeting Timmy?
This is the place!

We love painting!


All photos are copyright Timmy Mallett.

Want to tell us what you thought about it all?
This is the place!

We love painting!

here are more Cookham paintings... click on the thumbanil for more...!

A blaze of colour at the Odney club, Cookham

The sun sets in a ball of fire over Cookham pound

Billy admires the yachts at Cookham Reach

Poppy fields in Cookham

Wild winter skies near Cliveden, Bucks

This is called 'Foot and Mouth free in Thames Valley'

This is one of Thames valley's loveliest bluebell wood between Henley and Marlow. Cick here to see the full size image

Cookham bridge

Wintery School days at Cookham Rise School. Timmy's fingers froze as the
kids warmed up during a winter's playtime! This is a Christmas card
which you can get from High Road Cookham SL6 9JS.
All proceeds happily go to help educate more Timmy fans!


Click here to see Timmy's paintings of faces (including famous names like Ulrika Jonsson, Lorraine Kelly, Clive Woodward) from his own village of Cookham in celebration of the Queen's golden jubilee.

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