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Pronounced Waz - a - Zat we called it simply WAZ!

Waz is the centre of the Moroccan film industry with a big studio complex on the outskirts of town busy making movies about the War in Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, and the war somewhere else!

It was rush hour when I painted this with everyone heading home on foot, on bike, on donkey, on bus, on the mobile phone!

This is by far the better view of Ouzazarte. Our first glimpse was at 2am when the plane landed hours late in the rain and cold. But in the warm early evening glow it really is a splendid smiling town.

watercolour Timmy Mallett
size inc mount and frame 48 x 37cm (19 x 15")

Contact Timmy via: John Miles Organisation, Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770, Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB