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Moroccan Workers

Builders are the same all over the World! Take a look - how many are working and how many are just watching?!

There he sits, leg dangling over the edge of the roof, working a pickaxe. Where's the hard hat? where's the health and safety? There isn't any! The ladder looks like it could collapse at any moment,and even the lean-to is just that - a leaning thing.

And yet, there's a feeling of permanance about this group. They know each other, they trust each other. Even the donkey laden with supplies is comfortable in it's environment.

I wonder if you could ever get those builders to quote for the job?!

acrylic Timmy Mallett
size (inc mount & frame) 54 x 45cm (21 x 18")

Contact Timmy via: John Miles Organisation, Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770, Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB