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Swan's Nest on the Canal Basin, Slough

Spring time on the Grand Union Canal is always fascinating. Even in the centre of Slough at the end of the funny little 5 mile spur. There's no great magnificent basin - no heritage centre, or sign to even show it's industrial heritage (the canal spur was built in the 1880s to transport bricks and gravel to even expanding London).

Instead the canal comes to a dead end in overgrown builders yard! And there by the side of the towpath a pair of swans were nesting among the discarded beer cans and stacks of bricks and building materials.

And suddenly it was utterly right that the swans should choose a builders yard in which to make their nest. Last year's bullrushes made a kind of flag pole signpost to say "Here we are!" and the swirling scum made pretty patterns in the water.
It's well worth a visit!

acrylic 2006. Timmy Mallett

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