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Sunrise over Haleakala, Hawaii

The trip started at 2am. A minibus collected us and took us to the top of Mount Haleakala in Hawaii's island of Maui. It was freezing cold up at 10,000ft and we watched the sunrise over this enormous crater of the extinct volcano. Our shadow spread across the Pacific ocean as far as Japan....

As the sun rose over this eerie crated landscape it reminded me of something lunar. We then took off on our mountain bikes for the ride of our lives. 5 hours down to the ocean with barely 5 minutes of peddling the whole way! Silver sword yukas dotted the top of the mountain, then down through the wonderfully smelling eucalyptus forests to the green and tropical farmland and the hibiscus growing by the surfing beaches. This was one the best days EVER. And it all started at dawn in the biting wind at the top of Haleakala......

watercolour 1988. Timmy Mallett

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