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Robin and Judy Trinder

This portrait of the Trinders - Robin and Judy - was for their birthday. It shows them sitting in the pub sharing a joke and unusually for a double portrait they are completely unaware of the viewer. This is one of the reasons I like this portrait so much. They are enjoying each other's company, and the bright sunshine that streams in behind Judy's head seems to light up their smiles.
The bottle of red was delicious and they like the little candle light! That blue shirt is a favourite Trinder colour.

acrylic 2007. Timmy Mallett

Robin has great spiky hair. It's terrific to paint!

Judy's face is lit from several different angles with lots of reflected light and colours. It's a challenge to get the twinkle of a smile in the eyes as well as the rest of the face. But that smile makes us all want to grin along with them...

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