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The panel met at the Lowry Centre, Salford Keys to discuss Piccadilly Radio in the 80s.
Creativity in the golden age of local radio.
Timmy and his young helpers Andy Bird and Chris Evans.

Tony Ingham, former programme controller who famously said "Piccadilly Radio - larger than life kidda!"

stand up and make yourself heard!

"have we got everything ready. He'll kill us if we haven't!"

Seen this photo of us on a Funday Sunday?

Dave Ward - Curly Shirley!

What do you think of radio today...?

Colin Walters - "I gave this man a job?"

Tony Ingham - "Be larger than life kidda!"

Andy and Simon devised the session.

Host Richard Bacon introduces the theme - Nobody does it better. What was special about Piccadilly Radio?

The panellists get to grips with comparing 80s radio to today.

Andy describes Madchester of the time.

Since when have I been Andy Bird?

Colinshields his eyes from the glare of Timmy's shirt.

Colin gets in full flow about the ethos of management from a distance.

would we get a job answering Timmy's phones again?

Talking afterwards about what we talked about!

Chris and Gatesy share happy memories!

Becky Want, now BBC Manchester and Timmy.

Karen Boney knees Walsh wonders "did you let one go Simon?"

Timmy and John Clayton , now BBC Lancs boss.

Beechy, Simon, Boney, Bedcky, John and Andy enjoy a great night out in Manchester.

And that was a great couple of days together!

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