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"Which button do I press?!" Timmy is let loose on the airwaves of BBC Radio Berkshire Sunday mornings 10-1pm.
"What have we done?!" asked the BBC. "We tried to lock him out of the building but he hid in the bins and we don't know how to get him out!"

Military Mallett? The Legion of Frontiersmen are Britain's only freelance yeomanry. The Major recruited Timmy!

Is there really someone who talk as much as Timmy? Jules de Yong doubles as an animation voice!

Timmy's friend and neighbour Wendy Craig came to talk about toast and the latest series of the The Royal!

Zoe Ball's little dance partner in Strictly Come Dancing, Ian Waite, tried to teach Timmy some ballroom dance moves! "Can you do the rumba to itsy Bitsy?!"

Producer Duncan tries (and fails) to get Timmy to do as he's told!

Help! There's more than one of the nutters! Billy Mallett sneaked in to double the Mallett mayhem!

Mister Mallett was joined by the terror that is Mini Mallett!
Billy joined his dad on air to play How Sad is your Dad?!, give away family tickets to Legoland, and play all their favourite hits including McFly (we managed to play it nearly 20 times - commercial stations repeat their records every half hour and we don't think it's nearly enough!)

When it came to Itsy Bitsy and other great Timmy hits, Billy pointed out... "dad, you came 37th in the list of all time worst records ever!"

Producer David tried ever so hard to control the show!

It's a terrible row...!

and Suzanne and Billy complained bitterly about Timmy's singing!

Timmy and his mad team on Radio Berkshire!
Suzanne (I'm a pop idol), Timmy (I want to be a pop idol) David (I'm bone idle) Rita (I love Billy Idol!)

When Andrew Peach got married he made the mistake of asking Timmy to step in a for 5 weeks and do his Saturday 9-12:30 Morning show!

Playing games like "How Mad is Your Mother!" and side 2 of Abbey Road - well they aren't the sort of thing that usually happens....
"It's a bit different to what we expect in the Royal County" said the boss! Timmy in his usual tactful way replied "BLEUGH!"

Is he a good influence on our staff?

"I saw you do a gig at university!" admitted Suzanne "We went Itsy bitsy bonkers!"
"I always dreamed of being on Wacaday!" confessed David. "My dream job was to be the voice of Pinky Punky!"

Rita and Suzanne are supposed to be answering the phones, filing the texts and sorting the competitions. Sadly they have succumbed to Mallett mania and we're calling in the doctor!

Didn't we do well?! Will Radio Berkshire ever be the same again?!

Happy listening!!!!

Timmy gets in full flow for Sports Relief!!

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Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB

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