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This was a departure for Timmy and an enjoyable challenge to make a daily three hour speech show relevant and funny. It was here that Timmy used the all speech show to deliver exciting comedy and cutting edge current affairs to a wide ranging audience.

Fast paced and entertaining; it had regular features from the station staff including
BERT TROUT- THE MAN WHO KNOWS NOWT! (played by Ian Pearce),
TOBY WAN KENOBE - May the 31st be with you! - The compeition clown!
TINA ARIZONA the agony aunt who left you in agony,
SISTER RESISTER the nun who was fun!? and the tallest assistant on the planet LADDER (Steve Swann is now a talented TV journalist but here he was Timmy's outrageous producer).

There were also loads of fun games with classic jingles such as:

How Thick is your sister?
Has your best friend ever kissed her?
Is she any good at twister?
How thick is your Si-i-ster!!!!!

Oh and one more thing....NOTHING!!!

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