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Radio Luxembourg Reunion 208 - 2008!

In August 2008 the Radio Luxembourg DJs reunited for a celebration of 75 years of the Station of the Stars! Fab 208!

DJs from 4 decades came together to reminisce and share a fabulous weekend of memories... Organised and hosted by Sean Tilley, great pop DJ names like Tony Prince, David Kid Jensen, Paul Burnett, Emperor Rosko, Mike Read, Mark Wesley, Mike Hollis, and Benny Brown shared great tales and made many more as listeners from across the UK tuned in to hear again what made 208 great!

Timmy's tale of the weekend is right here!

Read the story in the Daily Mirror.

meeting in departures Mark Wesley, Timmy, Emperor Rosko, Tony Prince and Mike Hollis - is Luxembourg ready for us?"
Hands up who wants to fly the plane...!

Hey Rosko, How big is a DJ's 12" disc?!
There's no hiding a late night Mike...!!
Will the Emperor's magic rub off from his cap?
Kid looks for a return of that loan in 1973...!!
Daily Mail's Liz Taylor is hoping for a WAC plaster...!
Burnett and Prince try to stop each other stealing their anecdotes...!!
Mark and the Kid...
Mad - Mike and Tony share another memory of last night!!!
Dave Christian shared a Luxembourg flat with David and Tony - who's turn is to wash up then?!
live on air to the Big L!
A return of the Round Table...!
Once an Emperor - always an Emperor!!
Ready Rocks..!
The Royal Ruler and the Jensen Dimension!!
Tim Jibson's on air at a Luxembourg weekend on KC-FM!
Burnett and Mallett the golden breed!!
waiting to tell their tales - Mike Knight, Mike Hollis, Mark Wesley, Howard Pearce and Tim Smith - make those stories good !!
one of these two had a number one hit! Guess who it is...!!
Outside the Villa Louvigny - the home of Radio Luxembourg !
and how do you work this thing?! Timmy casts a critical ear over one of Mark's classic hits!
The jocks gather... !!!
Benny Brown tells how he was shot in the ass with a bow and arrow!
Pilots of the airwaves!
It's great on 208!
David Jensen celebrates 40 years broadcasting with a special presentation!!
Tilly and Timmy try to recreate the picture of them both during Wacaday filming!!!
Two hosts of the Network chart...!
Tony tests the water in preparation for standing on his head...!!!
In search of the Villa Louvigny!
gathered at the studios the memories begin...!
Hollis - Here's the English service office - or it might be where I climbed in one night!
Read - Can I come in please? I forgot my bag of Abba hits!
Princey recalls the drawbridge and moat - scene of much mischief!
Burnett points out the English language studios...
But Prince is certain it was here - or maybe that's where they locked up Jensen!
Lord Haw Haw used this entrance during the War...!
counting in the DJ chorus of our favourite jingle...
It's fingers in your ears time...!
Timmy kisses it better...!!
to Thunderous applause from the throngs of fans - Tony finally stands on his head...!
My old flat at 10 Rue Jean Jaures - didn't look any different in the depths of winter!
A lovely weekend of Bofferding...!!
and winering!!
Rosko is presented with a gift for coming all the way from California!!
Thank you Luxembourg!!!
Europe's only Grand Duchy... now sadly without it's English Radio station...
we wave farewell to our old Radio Luxembourg studios...

Listen to Timmy's tale of the weekend right here!


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