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The promotional budget was obviously small because the first Timmy pic was this black and white photo, which didn't do justice to the purple hair and scarlet spex and T shirt!

Timmy was the first presenter on Centre Radio in Leicester. Typically, he did the very first breakfast show in September 1981 with multi coloured hair, dressed in a dinner jacket and outragous bowtie! It was filmed by a BBC documentary crew (who wanted to learn how it should be done!)

Who is this outrageous character in our drab and colourless building??!

The station was housed at Granville House, Granville Road Leicester and for publicity stunts they called on the unmissable Timmy to roller skate round the town and turn up at schools with his purple hair to scare the teachers and get the kids tuned in!

It was a creative team at Centre in those early days. A picnic photo from the days before the launch shows Sue English, Bob Smith, Timmy and team out by Rutland water

In the days before AA Roadwatch Timmy's breakfast show traffic reports came from the local taxi firm "It sounded like he had a camera on every street" said the opposition!

Timmy also did Sunday mornings 10-1pm. 6 day weeks was unusual in those days.

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Timmy at Radio Luxembourg

Timmy at Piccadilly Radio

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Timmy at BBC Radio Oxford

Timmy on Radio 1 roadshows

Timmy at BBC Three Counties

Timmy at Ozone Radio
Timmy's House. During his time at Centre Radio, Timmy lived here - 98 Saffron Road, South Wigston, Leicester.

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Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB

Timmy on the Radio
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