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Timmy on the Tranny: Radio Luxembourg. Fab 208!

Live across Europe from the Grand Duchy!!!"

Timmy enjoyed a winter of deep snow in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg broadcasting from the old Villa Louvigny.

Timmy was once asked....

"Do they still have that revolving dish?"

"What revolving dish???"

"Isn't that why the signal keeps dropping in and and out?!"

The Villa Louvigny was steeped in broadcasting history. Down in the basements were the old transmitters from the days of the second world war occupation by the Germans. Lord Haw Haw made his famous broadcasts from there.

Timmy arrived to join a team which included Rob Jones, Tony Prince,
Bob Stewart, Ian Brass, Stuart Henry, and Benny Brown!

Radio Luxembourg Radio Luxembourg

A mischievous DJ snowball fight outside the studios
with Bob Stewart, Rob Jones, and Mike Knight.
(click for fullsize)

The studios were on the upper corridor which were shared with the French, Italian and German services. On the wall behind was a big map of the world with pins showing where people could hear Luxembourg on short wave.

Radio Luxembourg

During the snowy winter of 1982 Timmy struggled to roller skate to work from his lodgings in Jean Jaures street. He lived with a family of expats and a huge Alsation dog called Panzer. The daughter announced one day...

"Did you know the Germans named a tank after our dog?"

Radio Luxembourg

Listen to Timmy on the Tranny at Radio Luxembourg here.....

Radio Luxembourg Radio Luxembourg
Poor old Brasso was trying to smile at theis freezing cold outside broadcast the week before Christmas! (Look at the radio he has to listen to to hear when his microphone is on!!)

Radio Luxembourg
years later on a Wacaday filming trip Timmy returned to RTL to film a piece about his own hits!

The Radio Luxembourg reunion brought Timmy together with many old freinds and colleagues. See the story here!


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Timmy at Piccadilly Radio

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Timmy on the Radio
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