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Timmy gives a quiet well behaved interview on the telly at Oxford!!

Afternoon's are fun on BBC Radio Oxford. Timmy's been back on air, hitting the hits and causing on air mayhem!

The station staff have tried telling Timmy what to do. Did he take any notice? Of course not!

Timmy began working at Radio Oxford after leaving Warwick University.

"I left Warwick on the Friday and started at Radio Oxford on the Monday"

He began by making short features and doing got his first big break on air when Elvis died. Timmy suggested a request show of Presley music and was given the job of hosting it.

"It was a huge success which of course I put down to my own skills!" Timmy said modestly.

Not long after that he got to do his own show - the lunchtime lurkabout with TOTTTTT - Timmy on the tranny through til two! There was a memorable occasion on this show when Timmy gave away a fridge freezer to whoever could come up with the best way of selling ice cream to eskimos!

Jumping off the roof! This is one of my favourite publicity photos!
My tie is festooned with multi coloured Timmy on the Tranny badges - a great collectors item these days. they were made by Banbury plastics who still make the brand new Mallett Maniac badges you can get from the Timmy shop!

Timmy's biggest success at Radio Oxford was the daily afternoon kids show. TIMMY ON THE TRANNY! Timmy has always had a way with talking to kids, and that special magic led to Timmy making his own mark on air. In the show there were homemade jingles, the boron battleboard - a classic game of boron battleships, and all the big pop names - including the Buggles, Duran Duran, Shakin Stevens, and the Boomtown Rats.

At the first recording session 7 year old Emma Boughton asked us:'What's the hottest part of the sun? - Page 3!

One of the most popular features was a radio serial written by Timmy called The Adventures of Prince Timmy and the Quest for the Golden Tranny.
The Great Trannyoid in the sky sent Prince Timmy on a mission to rescue the golden tranny (which played great pop music and told the funniest jokes) from the borons who had kidnapped it.
Prince Timmy had a bright sidekick called Susan Zinc (who was always on her metal!). Susan Zinc is now known as Emma B on Radio 1!

A typically messy outside broadcast on Banbury road. The little girl is young Emma B - now of Radio 1 (who played Susan Zinc in prince Timmy and the Quest for the golden tranny). Alongside Timmy is the delightful "Slug" - lovely Caroline who ran the record library!

Michelle Cousins plots some custard pie mayhem on Timmy!

A pie fight on roller skates?!

Timmy on the trannyoids!

Cool Timmy hair colours!

So that's where the dress sense came from?

Timmy and Martin Stanford

The winning Trannyoid fashion design!

and the winner, Michelle, got a 100 voucher to spend at Etam!

This stunning haircut was done for the Radio oxford Marathon. I had my initials carved in the back of my head in case I forgot who I was!! The Glasses were my tribute to the Buggles!

Among the people who helped on the show and got a leg up the career ladder were Arabella Warner (who went on to present and co-produce the Wide Awake Club) and Jon Briggs (the voice over king), and Rob Bonnet (now BBC Breakfast sport).

Timmy is making a return to the Radio Oxford airwaves for a number of special shows.

Timmy team! Producer Lou, Timmy and South Today's Geraldine Peers enjoyed a great Bank holiday special!

Timmy & Joy on bonfire night 1979. This is a favourite photo showing Joy and I discussing the show. She's bringing in dedications for me to read and we're having a laugh about some of the calls. I was giving away Timmy's terrific treacle toffee - ideal for bringing out your fillings!

The Midnight DJ (except it's only half past 6 in the evening!)!


It's a Timmy on the Tranny badge!!! And you can buy one of these fabulous collectors items NOW!

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Thanks to Timmy on the Tranny listener, and mayor of Charnwood, Debbie Green for these fun pictures.

Timmy at a banger racing event (in a very 70s coat!) with Martin Stanford (now of Sky News) and Garry Richardson (now of Radio 5 Live)

Timmy playing rounders on Gosford Hill as part of the Radio Oxford team

Timmy dressed as a Frenchman - but is he wearing stilts?! He's not really that tall!

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Timmy at Radio Luxembourg

Timmy on Radio 1 roadshow

Timmy at Centre Radio

Timmy on the Network chart

Timmy at Piccadilly Radio

Timmy at BBC Three Counties

Timmy at Ozone Radio
This was Timmy's first car - a London Taxi cab bought for 450. Mike Howarth took the photo and it shows the dent in the wing when he didn't park very well. It's also got a radio oxford sticker in the back window and no passengers. Timmy used to drive round Oxford with the For Hire sign lit up and then drive right past people when they tried to flag him down!

Timmy on the Radio

The Blue Spaghetti party! I ran lots of fun outside broadcast days and this was the funny coloured food party at Headington. The spaghetti really was blue!
young Joey Beauchamp, the former Oxford United winger is in the crowd!

Timmy on the Radio

Crowning the May Queen in the village of Hinton Waldrist.I wish I knew the names of the May Queen and her assistants. if you know please e mail me. The photo came from a listener Tina. Thanks Tina!

I had multi coloured hair at Radio Oxford! Green, red, yellow and purple stripes which was done by my friends at Toppers in Headington by Mae and Colin Woodley. It was the talk of the town!

Paul Beavers was on Prince Timmy and the Quest for the Golden Tranny! He and Timmy met up at Oxford United's open Day and Paul had some great memories!

Geoff Mega makes kitchens but he started out as 1980's rock star and got his taste for show business from appearing on Timmy on the Tranny at radio oxford! Listen to Geoff's extraordinary story!!

Timmy on the Radio

Timmy at Radio Luxembourg

Timmy at Centre Radio

Timmy on the Network chart

Timmy at Piccadilly Radio

Timmy at BBC Three Counties

Timmy at Ozone Radio

Only Timmy would feast on the wires of the Radio Oxford ops room where one of our jobs was to plug up all the studios with these cables.

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