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At Piccadilly Radio Timmy on the tranny was the biggest teenage pop show in the UK! Every night there were Fix ups, Nobby No Level, Timmy 2, and an assortment of crazy characters - ZAP ON ZAPHEADS!


Smash Hits, & Sony awards followed for DJ of the year and best music shows.
This is when Timmy's crazy radio style found it's biggest audience and was clearly in the right place at the right time, with the right station and everyone who ever heard it or had anything to do with the show looks back fondly on a special show at a special time.


Nobby No level, whose catchphrase was "What I don't know - I don't know!" was played by Chris Evans. Nobby went out in the radio car, interviewing grids and road bollards. He also did pop concert reviews and famously burst in on Tina Turner at the Manchester Apollo when she had very few clothes on and did an interview with her!

Timmy at Cinderella Rockefellas, Bolton on one of the great Timmy fun nights! Whose that with him? It's Nobby No level!

Andy Bird was the voice of Radio Diggle our homemade pirate radio station; while Sally and Anna played the station cleaners and Karen Walsh was Aunty Boney kneecaps whose advice included such gems as "the best thing to do with spots is to stand in front of the mirror for 15 hours a day and fiddle with them"

Timmy gets trashed! A great outside broadcast at Manchester United. 'I can still taste this custard pie!' said Timmy"


Timmy on the tranny was a training ground for talented teenagers. Among the core helpers are those who have gone on to star throughout the world of showbiz. BBC newsreader - Geraldine Peers answered the phones as Germy Gerry and won herself an adoring army of teenage fans! Disney President - Andy Bird, TV Director - Karen Walsh, TV producer - Cari Rosen, actress Sally Mais, production manager on Babe the movie - Anna Laurie, Radio Producer - Chris Whatmough (Pumps) and media madman - Chris Evans.

Among the jinglers was a hairy bloke who went on to be the drummer with D Ream! There were the Atherton Armpits, the Kearsley Klan, the Leigh Loonies, and Grody Jody and the Happy Hedgehog!
"We had a fabulous time working for you - a teenager's dream come true. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity and for all those fond memories. Your show was an absolute CULT for my generation you know, everyone remembers it and nobody ever reached those kinds of listener figures again. I won the Weakest Link a couple of years ago and have appeared on a number of quiz shows lately.......always was a show-off. Some things don't change!"


Beginning with Adam Ant whose Goody Two Shoes Timmy played every half an hour on his first show, pop stars queued up to be on Timmy on the Tranny!

there were guest appearances from Duran Duran, Wham, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Paul Weller, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, Howard Jones, Kajagoogoo, Bananarama, Belle Stars, Nik Kershaw, Thompson Twins, and squillions of others.

Timmy on the Tranny came to an end at it's peak when Timmy moved to London and into the wacky TV world of the Wide Awake Club and Wacaday.

Joanne Chambers has a lot of pop listening to do!
Joanne Chambers
of Middleton Road, Bury won an enormous pile of 867 singles. Piled on top of each other they stretched 1 metre 60 cms in fact!

This photo is from Terri - who met Timmy at a Piccadilly Roadshow back in 1985! - 'best night of my life!'

Rachel the Blurt got in trouble for listening every night and not doing her school work. Eventually her mum confiscated every tranny in the house but forgot that Rachel had a earpiece and could listen under the blankets... Here's a picture of her room in 1985:


Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

Timmy shout!

I'm living on the air at Piccadilly!

Timmy's 103 club!

Did you listen to Timmy on the tranny? or take part in the show? send us a Timm-eeeemail I remember Timmy on the tranny!
and tell us about it!

"Me and my friends made a jingle for the name and claim comp to the music of Wham Rap. It was played all the time. It went something like:
Hey everybody take a look at me
I've got Timmy credability
I may not have a tranny but I have a good time
with the people that I meet on the telephone line
I said 228 6262 name and claim is all you have to do CALL NOWW!!!

I can't believe I remember doing that! Cheers," David Evans.

"I remember, me and a friend came in to do a guest DJ hour when Nana Mouskouri was number one with Only Love, when the big film was Back To The Future and our music selections included Mai Tai (body and soul), The Impossible Dreamers (this house built on sand) and Billy Ocean (when the going gets tough). And Huey Lewis And The News.
You helped us build an innovative game around the Nana Mouskouri song, getting contestants (including multiple people who'd called in from our school, plus a bloke inexplicably called Helmet) to sing the word "banana" over the top of it. I apologise wholeheartedly for what was probably the most toe-curlingly awful hour of radio you were ever responsible for! However, it was a brilliant experience. I was a huge fan of the show and Thanks for some great memories and for being an instructive part of a really key period in my life - the bit where most of my pop knowledge was built and where I really started to appreciate decent radio."
Cheers, Martin Smith

I was one of the members of the Atherton Armpits. Myself, Shirley and Caroline spent hours during the week practising our jingles and even on the bus into Manchester to Piccadilly much to the annoyance or sheer amusement of the other travellers. Wow, those really were the days and I do look back with fond memories and really do believe that your teenage years are the best days of your life.
Janet Martindale - Atherton Armpits


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Timmy on the Radio

My friends and I used to be the April, May and June characters, 3 batty old ladies who Timmy used to phone, we had a blast at Piccadilly radio the highlight being meeting George Michael and his pal David Austin when they popped in for a chat with Timmy. We were responsible for the “Timmy you really smell” jingle which was a copy of Howard Jones “like to get to know you well”.
Nicola Cummings

Your evening show spanned most of the time I was at secondary school (The Hollies in Didsbury). Chris Evans (as Nobby No-level) came round to my friend's house to do a "broadcast from your bedroom"....... I won a copy of "Burn Me Up" by Luxury on "Phone-a-45"...... your unbelievably massive crush (or so you made out) on Katrina who sang backing vocals on "Thinking of You" by The Colourfield - a fact I reminded her of when, years later, I was standing next to her at the bar in The Horse and Jockey in Chorlton and recognised her! Cheers for being truly innovative for all those years. Carole Whitleyx

"What about another pair of jinglers? - Grody Jody (Jo Hodson) and the Happy Hedgehog (myself, Sarah Walmsley) who guested on the show for about a year at the height of his popularity and until Timmy moved to London. I distinctly remember saving his bacon one rather drunken night when Timmy's guests were Frankie Goes To Hollywood!"

"Hi Timmy,
I used to ring your phone ring 228 6262 every night for the "name and claim its". I won loads of stuff on your show and you used to ring me up to find out who had been on Top of the pops . I used to go to all of your Funday Sundays in the local parks and I provided a lot of jokes for Karen (Howes), Aunty Boney Knee caps.
You used to read my name out most nights or I would be on the phone to your programme and then you would have me on air. Aunty also broadcast from my halloween party in the early days.
Fond Memories, pitty we have to grow up!"

Colin Owen (now aged 40) Manchester

"I was 12 years old and selected as one of the reviewers for "Hit and Miss" segment. Timmy referred to us as "the ugliest looking panel" he had ever seen. We responded by berating his Green Jeans. Despite the bruising of my pre-teen ego, I hastled Chris Whatmough until he brought me on as a joke telling Frenchman named "Pierre Parfait." Obviously, this turned stale after a few weeks and I brought in a partner, Louise Scott (whom I had a crush on) and we became "Pierre Parfait and Cherie Chantal." After Louise left for bigger and better things (O Levels), I replaced her with two school chums and formed a jingle-singing group named:'The Tree Fellers". I really only remember one song vividly:

To the tune of "A Taste of Honey" "I bought a brand new Radio, and tuned into the Timmy Mallett Show.. .....a waste of money! I wasted some money of mine!"
They were all along the same vein (Insulting Timmy!) We were with the show until the final party.

I too was one of many who had a crush on "Germy Gerry" but what could a "painfully ugly" 12 year old do except adore from afar...

Jonathan Jay Markanday - USA

Did you listen to Timmy on the tranny? or take part in the show? send us a Timm-eeeemail I remember TOTT!
and tell us about it!


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