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Timmy is invited to meet the tallest DJ in the World - 17ft tall Andy Simpson - to reminisce about the 80s on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon (May 2008)
"The jacket's massive what about the DJ?!"

Help! This man's a nutter! A giant nutter!

It got worse when Anne Marie Wallace beat Andy at Mallett's Mallet. "Actaully" said Timmy "Andy was pants at it!"

So they chatted about eevrything from 80s TV, movies, Live Aid and of course the music! "I'm an 80s child" declared Anne-Maire and we all agree!

The team had ball and you can listen again at the bbc website.

Afterwards the pair met fans in Belfast city centre!

In the Garrick fans spotted Timmy and gave him a proper Belfast welcome!

And the Robinson family showed Timmy the best bars in town! It all led to a brilliant radio show!

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