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How does the moustache stay on in the water?!

Who is Del Costa?

Timmy of course! Yet another wonderful name under which to hit the unsuspecting public with a stunning hit!

Hot Hot Hot was a mix of several great summer hits including Una Paloma Blanca, Viva Espana, Dancing on a Saturday night, Barbados, and of course the old Arrows song Hot Hot hot.

Del Costa was photographed in his gold medallions leaping in Timmy's swimming pool and among his greatest quotes were these:
Do you ever share a bath?
No I always bath-a-lona!

The video was a real gem. Shot in Ibiza over two days it really captured the spirit of the age. Especially the football style chants in the chorus.

And the B side? Called Hotel Tequilla (summer in Samui mix) it's a quirky Manuel type of cheeky song with Del Costa playing a confused bellboy. It brings a chuckle to our faces every time we hear it!

The good news is the song is still available on 7 inch vinyl for 5.50!! If you're a record collector or DJ needing a smash dance floor filler just click here and buy.

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB

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