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practising for the surprise in 10 minutes!

An unusual phone call from an old showbiz friend led to a great night celebrating Gary and Dawn Barlow's 10th wedding anniversary in Januray 2010.

"Gary called me" said Timmy "and asked if I'd help him with a night to remember - get Dawn and Annie and me back on stage to recreate the the Top of the Pops dance sensation of the summer of 1990!"

It was the surprise of the night. The show had already seen performances from Jason Donovan, Ronan Keating, Alicia Dixon, Peter Kay, Michael McIntyre, Lulu, and Take That when the finale was the thrilling surprise for Dawn in front of her friends and family.

Timmy and Annie had a quick 10 minute rehearsal with two new itsy bitsy girls (sophie and Sianad) in a secret bathroom and Dawn was given 3 minutes to refresh the routine without realising Annie and Timny were going to be there. Then the group were reunited on stage to perform to a thrilled and cheering crowd of celebrity friends and family!

practising for the surprise in 10 minutes!

Timmy recalled how special the song had been in all their lives. "It was number one when Lynda and I married 20 years this year" said Timmy "and how lovely it is to be here at your special 10th anniversary. And here's a little gift..." as he presented Dawn and Gary with a Pinky Punky Mallet.

"Did it come back to you Dawn?" asked Timmy moments after the show was over "Like it was yesterday" smiling Dawn replied!

Annie and Timmy spent the time they should have been practising, chatting instead about the intervening couple of decades!

Sianad and Sophie were 3 years old when Itsy Bitsy was a World wide hit!

OK Magazine took pictures for their next issue and a host of paparazzi waited at the steps of the hotel for a glimpse of the stars leaving. "Is that your Mallet?" they asked staring at the black Top Secret bag. And Timmy obliged with the shot of the night!

Paps get their just desserts!!

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The all important artists pass to get on Top of the Pops!

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