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Oxford United at Wembley 2010

Timmy returns with memories of last time in 1986!!

It was a dream day out on May 16th 2010 when Oxford United beat York City 3-1 in the Conference Play off final! After 4 years in the Football Conference, former winners of the Milk Cup, Oxford have won promotion in specatular fashion at Wembley! Here are some of Timmy's memories of that day...

Timmy is collared by BBC Oxford's Malcolm Boyden who looks at his watch as Timmy goes on and on and on....

Jack Midson's dad wonders if he'll ever get a word in edgeways with Timmy going over the top as usual!!

on Beaconsfield station with a group of young fans heading for Wembley too..

The Malletts have their home made banners!

Timmy and Billy argue over who gets the ice cream!!

as the bloke behind indicates - that'll knock em dead!!

Hey where's my seat?!

The teams come out...!

Ok let's kick off then...!

We always score 3 at Wembley!!!

The magnetic hands is perhaps testing things a bit?!

One of us has scored at Wembley!!

The final whistle brings delight!!


A pair of happy Malletts!

Somewhere in the crowd there's you!

Warm congratulations and commisserations after the game

The trophy is Oxford's!

Wow! someone let off a big one!

Yellows forever!!

Bring on trips to Macclesfield and Accrington then!!

Listen Timmy's podcast on the day - here!

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Timmy does a regular podcast for the Oxford Mail following the fortunes of OXFORD UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB.
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