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Timmy and the Royals

It was a great night when Timmy went along to see Reading FC win promotion at the glorious Mad Stad to the Premiership. To get the players in the mood Timmy challenged Lloyd and Deano to a game of Mallett's Mallet!

Playing Mallett's mallet with Reading FC star players (Frank Bruno lookalike) - Lloyd Owusu and Dean Morgan!

Lloyd gets a Malletting!! The key word was promotion - and Lloyd couldn't think of anything to say!

Will he say Mr Morgan, can I go to the toilet?!

He cheated! I'd never say that!

Timmy and Dean discuss the stitching on Pinky's suit!

And Deano wins the signed Pinky Punky Mallet for his daughter Lia!

The Mad Stad is a fabulous setting for a great game.

Every team loves coming here. The Millwall fans sang "everyone hates us and we don't care!"

Timmy's favourite game here was when Oxford United famously beat the Royals a few years ago!

You can find out more on Timmy and Oxford United here!

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Timmy played in Sky TV's The Match!

Which way to go then? Timmy leads another successful midnight bike ride across the home counties!

Timmy awards the cricket trophy to the Bangladesh international team playing in Cookham!

Mr Mallett! Can I play football? West Ham's mascot, Herbie the hammer, has been mistaken for Timmy's trademark Pinky Punky Mallet and West Ham United have backed down to avoid any confusion.

Oxford Utd's mascot Ollie the Ox!

Timmy gives his opinions on the game to Oxford Utd's webmaster and programme editor Chris Williams."It was a clear penalty!"