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Timmy and Sport

The Olympics are sensational. And Timmy isn't missing any of it!

London 2012 - Sensational!

Timmy loves cricket and got Graeme Swann out! .

Timmy loves football and follows Oxford United.

Oxford striker Beano - James Constable - tries the Timmy look to confuse the opposition!

There's loads more about Timmy and Oxford United here!

Is this United's new dynamic signing??!

Timmy played in Sky TV's The Match!

Timmy played baseball for a celebrity team at lords cricket ground.

As well as football Timmy has played charity baseball, cricket and golf and has cycled the London to Brighton annual event. His bike proudly has a coumputer that tells him how far he's gone and how many times he's fallen off! He's led some foolhardy friends on some fabulous overnight and sunset bike rides across the Thames valley and Chilterns. "I love the sense of discovery and adventure on a bike!"

Timmy went on a cycling adventure in Morocco from the Atlas mountains to the Sahara. Find out more here!

Timmy loves playing 5 a side football with the Cookham Wanderers. His goal scoring skills are legendary - they make great myths!

Our sporting hero enjoys scuba diving, and water sports, but don't ask him to bungee jump. Life's exciting enough!

Sky news came to interview Timmy Pinky Punky is part of family of Malletts, explains Timmy and nobody wants dodgy imitations!Just the one and only original!

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation,
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770,
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB

Timmy hits the winning runs!

Timmy switched on the Christmas lights on Sky TV's Allsports show!

Timmy played in Sky TV's The Match!

Which way to go then? Timmy leads another successful midnight bike ride across the home counties!

Timmy awards the cricket trophy to the Bangladesh international team playing in Cookham!

Mr Mallett! Can I play football? West Ham's mascot, Herbie the hammer, has been mistaken for Timmy's trademark Pinky Punky Mallet and West Ham United have backed down to avoid any confusion.

Oxford Utd's mascot Ollie the Ox!

Timmy gives his opinions on the game to Oxford Utd's webmaster and programme editor Chris Williams."It was a clear penalty!"

It was a great night when Timmy went along to see Reading FC win promotion to the Premiership. To get the players in the mood Timmy challenged Lloyd and Deano to a game of Mallett's Mallet!