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Television: This Morning 2011 - Big Fat Panto Quiz!

It's Christmas time and panto time. Timmy joined a host of stars to score the Big Fat panto Quiz!

Never one to shy away from an entrance.

Timmy arrives down the chimney!

Bringing Pinky Punky with him!

Harry Hill was on the show too!

Dan Waite, Terry Waite's nephew meets Timmy again for the first time in 20 years!

meeting a wide awaker 20 years later! (mp3)

What do stars do before being on stage? Hang around and chat of course!

Toyah does a quick adjustment and Timmy pretends not to notice...

Timmy, Toyah Willcox, Paul Ross, Bonnie Langford, The Krankies, Kevin Cruise, Linda Bellingham

Paul can't do his Buttons up!

Toyah is starring as the wicked witch at St Albans! Scary!

Linda Bellingham is scared stiff about doing her first ever panto at Birmingham!

Kevin is in his first panto too at Windsor!

The quix begins... the questions are tough!

and it gets no easier!

Except for the scorer!

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