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Television: The Weakest Link

What are you smiling for Mallett? She's going to have a go at you next...

In 2003 Timmy appeared on the a Children's TV presenters celebrity version of the dreaded weakest link! And yes, Anne Robinson was as awful as she appears on the box!

Timmy was on with his old pal Roland Rat - Yeah Rat fans! Phillip Scoffield from Going Live, Johnny Ball, Zoe's dad, Floella Benjamin from Playaway, Simon Thomas from Blue Peter, Becky Jago from Newsround, Kirsten O'Brien from SMart, and Angellica Bell from Short change.

It was an ordeal - but not for Timmy who made good use of his Mallet!

9 strong competitors before we met the awful witch!

Now we're on set and we're all about to wet ourselves

Yeah! Roland Rat here - superstar and far more famous than you two rubbish presenters...

Their advice was go out there and enjoy it!!!! Enjoy what?

Becky will live with this forever - if you're reading the instructions on a firework do you use a match or a torch? And guess what she answered!!!!!

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