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More than 26,000 people came to see the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which Timmy starred in over Christmas 1999/2000.

But on one showing there were some rather special visitors! The Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair together with son Euan, 15, and daughter Kathryn, 11, came to the panto on Wednesday December 29th after Timmy invited them!
Timmy said "It was great that the Blairs were able to come and see the show and I'm really delighted that they had a good time!".

"Cherie and Euan meet Timmy, his family and the cast of the show on stage at the Forum!"

"My mates will be so jealous when they hear I got malletted!"

For Kathryn and Euan the favourite part was yelling "BLAIR!!" and trying to catch the sweets of course!

Happy Kathryn!

Tricia Penrose was the delightful Snow White and Guy James the West End heart-throb Prince!

Timmy had a wonderful time back in Billingham and would like to thank everybody who came to see the panto

We'd love to hear from those who have enjoyed it! E mail us here!

Richard Westcott played lovely Sarah the Cook!

Middlesbrough FC's Rory the Lion made an appearance on stage and in exchange Timmy enjoyed a great day out at the Riverside!

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Snow White, Billingham

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