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Timmy's panto Cinderella at the Billingham Forum on Teesside was their most successful show EVER only matched by Timmy's Snow White two years before. 26,000 people came to see Timmy with co stars Joanne Knowles from Hollyoaks, Vicky Hawkins (Claire from Byker Grove), Judie McCourt from Tyne Tees and TFM, Andrew Van Buren's magic act and Neville King the wonderful ancient relic from the Black and White Minstrels!

Among the many highlights were Timmy's rendition of I'm a Believer,
his hilarious audition for Pop Idol performing Something Stupid;
the wonderful lost 50p sketch, when he had the whole audience searching for it!
and of course Timmy's giant football kicked around the auditorium!

While staying at Hartlepool Timmy dragged a woman to safety from the freezing waters of the Marina. The drama began in the early hours when Timmy's wife Lynda heard the lady's desparate cries for help.

Cleveland Police hailed Timmy a hero saying another few minutes and Geraldine Holland may well have perished.
" I did what anyone would have done in similar circumstances" explained Timmy.
There was a happy ending a week later when Timmy, Lynda and Geraldine were reunited at the theatre and after the panto Geraldine revealed that she too had once performed on the Forum stage!

Timmy's heroics made headline news.

See Hal Hobart of the Hartlepool Mail's

Timmy Cartoon

And read about the reunion of Timmy and Geraldine - the woman he saved!

See the scene of the rescue!

See Timmy's photo in the Northern Echo as he learns to fold his arms!

Redhead at the Marina:

This is Joanne Knowles - Prince Charming - looking glamourous outside Timmy's flat at the Hartlepool Marina. Joanne was Utterly Brilliant when she was in Hollyoaks and she was just as brilliant in panto!

See Timmy's painting of Joanne close-up here!

Timmy had a wonderful time back in Billingham and would like to thank everybody who came to see the panto

We'd love to hear from those who have enjoyed it! E mail us here!

Dear Timmy!

I am just writing to tell you that I went to see you at Billingham Forum. I thought you were UTTERLY UTTERLY BRILLIANT! You may remember me as I was the girl who came with my older brother James who is a VERY big fan of yours. We came with an original Pinky Punky that we bought about 10 years ago at the Metro centre in Newcastle!

I am very proud of you since I heard about you saving a womans life in Hartlepool. It must of taken a lot of courage.

I just wanted you to know that you made our night at the Panto very enjoyable. We will never forget it, espessialy when you called our names out the Burt family)!

I was dancing on the Forum last November. I was in the Nutcracker (a ballet) with the English Youth Ballet. I was a flower and I really enjoyed it. I may of even been in the same dressing room as you!

Best of luck for the future! Love from Phillipa Burt (13) xx


I have a 9 year old daughter who has been to about 4 pantos this year and I thought she would be jaded to see another. She came home last night, following your performance, absolutely animated. She has her programme autographed by you.

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how magical it was for her to meet you. And the one thing that stands out is that personal side, which is not much in evidence these days elsewhere.


I was in your panto at the Billingham Forum. I am from the Justine Kavanagh Dance School and I have enjoyed being on stage with you in "I'm a believer" dance. I hope you come back again next year It is utterly utterly brilliant!!!!

love melissa


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