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Timmy starred in the panto Peter Pan at the Playhouse. Weston Super Mare 2008-2009.

See Timmy's introduction to the panto at weston.

The press came along to the launch during the summer holidays and Timmy and the team judged the pirate themed fancy dress contest!

Timmy comes back to Weston Super Mare!

David Griffin (Captain Hook) meets Lee the producer - call this a hook?!!

Wait til I find that Smee chap!!

Never smile at a crocodile!!!

Minnie the Mermaid - Carys Gray shells out on a handbag!!!

The fancy dress contestants are brilliant!!

especially Brendan the star in Timmy's song routine!

The Lost Boys and red Indians make a real starring entrance!

The whole crew get a lucky Malletting !!

especially this terror!!

The Lost Boys and red Indians meet Mr Smee!

Becka's booked her ticket already!

Its a mermaid medley from Minnie!!!

Don't damage me Mallet please Captain Hook!!

It'll be a bright and colourful experience!

Don't mess with a mermaid Mallett!!!

And producer Lee gets a dream come true!!!

It was the maddest start to panto ever. Timmy arrived back from the jungle of Australia in the middle of rehearsals with with less than a week til the show opened and had learn his lines, and the scenes and the names of his co-stars all in a few mad days in between filming promotional interviews and press calls!

Timmy comes back to Weston Super Mare!

Welcome to Weston Timmy - not much different to the jungle!

pursued by a TV crew looking like something from the Addams family....!

Timmy tries on an opening outfit with some jungle additions!

then starts rehearsing with Captain Hook! Mind that Hook!

before getting some lines from Director Dave Samuel "I worked with Dani Behr once..."! That makes two of us...

Within an hour Timmy is whisked off to do interviews at ITV West!

BBC Bristol - got anybody taller to speak to?!

and a lovely meeting again with Alex Lovell! We last met on Timmy Towers!

Star Radio's Darren and Ang ask if they can make a guest appearance? They did !

dressed as Snow White and the good Fairy! Their Biff Baff Boff was brilliant!

And Orchard FM's breakfast show team leapt to play the theme tune of the season! Biff Baff Boff!

Timmy is driven round Somerset in a smart Rolls Royce! Get me back to rehearsals Barry!

Lets see how much egg and flour we can chuck over Mr Smee!

more muck please!

The cooking scene is one of our favourites and it's a quick change straight after!

into the acrobatic routine with the mad acraloons!

The dress rehearsal was interrupted with a recording session! Barry Upton arrived with a portable recording studio to put together Biff Baff Boff in Timmy's dressing room!

Timmy's singing set the theatre alight! It was very tuneful!

And you can enjoy the results for yourself. Download the single now from itunes!

Ready to Biff Baff Boff on stage then?!

there's time in between shows to do some creative plate painting for charity...

the finished plate is fired twice in the kiln and Timmy sees the result after one of the shows!

Timmy meets Mark Palmer who was helped by charity Children Today. Read more about the meeting here...!

meeting fans and signing autographs after each show is something Timmy always does!

"That way you get to hear what people really think of the show!" says Timmy!

But the crocodile gets more hugs than the stars!!

Don't tell anyone that's Billy Mallett in the crocodile!

Tom the props man makes a starring role as Nanna the dog !

Act One beginners to the stage please.... Timmy, Meaghan and Drew ready for their opening!

A hug for Wendy - Weston's lovely Sophie Wilkins!

head acroloon Kaj is dressed as we're not really sure, I thought he was a pirate?!

My best mate's a Mallett!!

Christmas Day dawns the coldest for 30 years. How about a dip then?

Christmas Day - Timmy joins the mad swimmers about to do Weston's Christmas Day Dip!!

It's below freezing - Marine Lake is beyond cold and these nutters are about to go in.

Would you do this?!

Are you sure you want to do this?!

That is proper chilly!

Timmy's not the only panto nut to brave this - Acroloon Kaj went in too!
Did you pee in your trunks to warm yourself????

a congratulatory hug to warm us all!

Timmy spends much of the run with a swollen elbow the result of a bite in the Australian jungle. Weston General prescribe rest and penicillin - rest? it's 2 shows a day!

The cast line up!

It's been a great stay in Weston...can't wait to come again!

There's more about the panto launch here!

Peter Pan is a Paul Holman Production! Click here for his other pantos.

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Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane,
Clapton in Gordano,
Bristol, BS20 7SB

Hi Timmy,
My name is Lauren and I am 9 years old. I met you at Weston Super Mare when I went on stage with you and sang Biff Baff Boff !
I enjoyed the pantomime you were my favourite character Mr.Smee.
Will you be doing any shows in the South West this year or next year ?
from your biggest fan ever, Lauren