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Behind the Scenes at the Filming

A few days later we returned to the making of Timmy Towers - this time to the filming - at Maidstone Studios in, well, Maidstone! The whole team were there again - Timmy, Aunty, Miss Thing, The Abominable No Man and special guest Michaela Strachan (from the Really Wild Show).

Timmy Towers: Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees in make-up

The filming started very early in the morning - Aunty was in Make-Up!

Timmy Towers: Timmy in Make-Up

Five hours later, the rest of the Timmy Towers team arrived! They had to get their make up and costumes on and get into the studio - and, look, Aunty's still not finished her make-up!

Timmy Towers: Costumes

Here are the costumes...

Timmy Towers: Timmy in Make-Up

...and Timmy's got a difficult job ahead of him - deciding which pair of glasses to wear!

Timmy Towers: Aidan

It was time to go into the studio and this is Aidan - the floor manager. He's in charge of, well, everything!

Timmy Towers: Michaela, Miss Thing and Timmy

The schedule was incredibly busy - so there was no time to pose for photos - well, not much!

Timmy Towers: Lights

Oo - er - that lighting looks compicated!

Timmy Towers: Timmy and Michaela's big love scene

Soon the filming got underway and it wasn't long before the snogging started! This is how Michaela and Timmy's big love scene turned out!

Timmy Towers: Brenda the Blender

This is Brenda the Blender - a new gismo this series. Her big moment in each programme is when...

Timmy Towers: Gunged audience

...she gunges the entire audience!!!

Timmy Towers: Gallery

We nipped up to see the nerve centre of Timmy Towers. This is the gallery where all the technical stuff happens.

Timmy Towers: The Abominable No Man's lair

Look out - we've stumbled into the Abominable No Man's lair!

Timmy Towers: Grand Finale

Before we knew it, it was the grand finale - there's Uncle Punky at the back!

Timmy Towers: Lights out

The lights were turned off, and everyone went home. Hang on, which way is it to get out of here??!!

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