Timmy Towers

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Timmy Towers: Miss Thing

Timmy Towers: The Abominable No Man


There's now two NEW bonkers competitions to enter all with great prizes to win!

First is our new caption competition - there's a great piece of Utterly Brilliant Timmy Stuff up for grabs and all you have to do is e-mail us a caption to go with this picture of Timmy flushing the Abominable No Man down the toilet...

Timmy Towers: Timmy flushes the Abominable No Man down the toilet and into the room with no TV!

What would Timmy say? What would the Abominable No Man say? E-mail us your ideas for a chance to win!

Stuck for ideas? Some of the suggestions that have come in so far are...

TIMMY: Get down that toilet Abominable No Man
ABOMINABLE: Oh bother!

Timmy would say: AH Ha (boshes him on head) Get back down there you...
Ab Man would say: Oh BOSH.... then fall down the Loo.

Timmy: See ya later abomanable yes man
Abomanable No Man: Noooo i'm the abomanable No Man

Shall I? Yes.Shall I?YES.Bye Bye.Flush!

For the second new competition, just answer this easy peasy question to win some brilliant stuff!

Who was the REALLY WILD celebrity guest that featured in the Timmy Towers' pet show?

Clue: If you're not sure, you might find out on the shows page.

The winner gets an extra blob of Jelly and Ice Cream for their tea and a great piece of Utterly Brilliant Timmy Stuff!

Send your answers here!

The winner will be announced when England win a football tournament, mum stops telling you to tidy your room and Pinky Punky stops weeing everywhere.

In our last competition we asked you What is the name of the weeing mallet in Timmy Towers?. The answer is, of course, PINKY PUNKY!!!