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Timmy Towers: Timmy

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Timmy Towers: The Abominable No Man

Timmy Towers: Timmy and Miss Thing


It's finally here! The page where you can find loads of exclusive Timmy stuff!!! There's pictures for your computer and loads of messages from the stars and the fabulous behind the scenes interviews. It's utterly brilliant!!!

Sound Files

Listen to the sounds of the Timmy Towers team! Each of the characters have recorded a special message just for you - the readers of this website. They are in Real Audio format. Click on the links below to download.

Timmy welcomes you!

Miss Thing's message

Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees recommends flushing toilets!

Pinky Punky's request

Also to download, we've got the brilliant behind the scenes interviews recorded when we went to the Timmy Towers rehearsals at a top secret location somewhere in the UK! Click on the links below to read what happened when we chatted to Timmy, Aunty, Miss Thing, The Abominable No Man and special guest Michaela Strachan!

The Timmy Mallett Interview

The Abominable No Man Interview

The Aunty and Miss Thing Interview

The Michaela Strachan Interview


Here's your chance to get your very own, exclusive, Timmy Towers wallpaper. No, not that sort of wallpaper, but the sort that you see on your computer screen when you load it up! Click on the link relevant to your screen resolution and when the image has loaded, right click and choose "set as wallpaper". Easy!

Timmy Towers Wallpaper (800x600 screen size)

Timmy Towers Wallpaper (1024x768 screen size)