Timmy Towers

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Timmy Towers: Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees

Timmy Towers: Miss Thing


This is the page where we want to know what you think of the website, the show and anything else you think important (but not the price of bread, because we already know it's far too high!). You can either e-mail us, or leave messages in our guestbook for others to read too.

You can tell us what you think is good and bad about both the show and the website and let us know what we could do to make them better!

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Timmy Towers: Card

If you want a free, signed Timmy Towers card just like the one pictured above, then send a SAE to:

Timmy Towers, PO Box 100, Cookham, Berkshire, SL6 9XX and we'll send you one!