Timmy Towers

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Timmy Towers: Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees

Timmy Towers: Pinky Punky


Believe it or not there are some other websites that are just as utterly brilliant as this one!

Take a look below at some great places you can visit on the net.

The show your telly was made for - now online!

Brilliant TV
Find out all about the people that make the show!

Timmy Mallett
The official home page of the utterly brilliant Timmy Mallett!

Timmy's tribute to Mark Speight
The larger than life Abominable No Man and friend of the Malletts

Timmy Towers: Card

If you want a free, signed Timmy Towers card just like the one pictured above, then send a SAE to:

Timmy Towers, PO Box 100, Cookham, Berkshire, SL6 9XX and we'll send you one!