Timmy Towers

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Timmy Towers: Timmy

Timmy Towers: The Abominable No Man

Timmy Towers: Pinky Punky

This Week

The Utterly Brilliant series of Timmy Towers finishes this Sunday (aaaah!) as Michaela Strachan from The Really Wild Show is the special guest! Sunday, 9.25am, CITV.

Programme 7: Timmy Towers goes Really Wild

Anything could happen this week - and probably will! It's the world's best pet competition and everyone is entering. Timmy has an invisible pet and doesn't know where or what it is! Miss Thing has a delightful but dangerous pet pink Thingy, and naturally Aunty Knobbly Boney Knees has a pet sheep! Deep in his lair the Abominable No Man is plotting with Spike his horrible cockroach. With an invisible pet, he'd be invincible and he sets about trying to catch it! Our heroes too are on the lookout for their pets which have gone missing and call in Michaela Strachan (from The Really Wild Show - and Timmy's old co-presenter on The Wide Awake Club). Michaela sets up a wonderful pet training course for Timmy who Aunty suggests should be their replacement in the best pet competition. Meanwhile the Abominable kidnaps a kid and flushes it down the toilet to the Room with No TV as a take away snack for Spike! This looks like a job for Pet Rescue Man. Not so fast Timmy - The Abominable sets a host of really wild and dangerous animals from the audience onto our hero and it looks like curtains. Thank heavens Michaela, Aunty & Miss can cook! They mix up some wonderful concoction in Brenda the Blender, but will it be enough to save the day? We'll find out on Sunday!

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